Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Save the Planet

Our Earth

As timeless as the Earth may be,

We are but newborns in history.


We discard all things

Like a handful of stones.

What difference does it make?

The Earth moans.


Grief, the Earth feels as I view its mange.

Nature like history should not change.

Like an ant, I feel helpless here.

Only together will we make a difference I fear.


If birds and bears can co-exist,

Why cannot we I must insist.

Share the path with your neighbor.

View it, smell it and savor, but do not waiver.


Out there in the wilderness,

Their eyes are watching I must confess.

Should they speak, they would protest.

Do not leave your mess so far from the nest!


So if you can, take your hand.

Refresh the Earth our Mother Land.

From sand to sea, every rock and tree,

And all creatures including me will be happy.


Bryan Bennington

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