Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Red River


The beginning of something new

Awakened by a drop of dew

The hands from above

Transformed in Canaan for love


Infectious the red river flows

From the land of Bacchus

To the shores of Gaul, no land too small

Soon there will be plenty for all


Damned to the ones who choose

The price to pay for those that abuse

Fires illuminate the sky

Centuries past bye


Dare he, who goes to check on thee

The serpent’s tail lashes out freely

Mowed down by disease

A gravesite as far as the eye can see


Through the mist

A new future exists

Hand in hand to the vine we go

So the river of red may flow

By Bryan Bennington

pictures by Kristine Ellison
Baby Zin
Vineyards on Fire

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