Monday, August 22, 2011

The Godfather

Ten years ago, my family and I visited my nephew in Boston. While walking around town we visited the Quincy Market, stopped by "The Cheers Bar", gazed at the old architecture and strolled around Little Italy.

While in Little Italy we stopped in a wine shop that was having a tasting. We entered the cozy little shop and admired the antique tables and two levels of shopping. We stopped at the tasting table where a young man asked us to try his wine from Sicily.

The wine was called "Furat"; a red blend of Nero d' Avola, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. I remember the flavors being rich and bold, full of dark fruit with the so familiar taste you can only get from Italian wines. We bought a couple bottles for $14 each and left the shop excited to try another bottle when we got home.

Since that day, I could not find a distributor for "Furat" in Ohio, until now.

10 years later, it is my birthday and my wedding anniversary is in two days. I am going to be godfather to my nephew's daughter on Saturday and low and behold I found that "Furat," finally.

I had to bring a bottle to the Christening on Saturday and surprise my nephew.

After the Baptism I showed my nephew the surprise bottle. He shared my enthusiasm and said, "I think we should open this in private, there are many unappreciative palates here." I agreed.

Opening that bottle on that day just mesmerized me. I started thinking about foods that would pair well with my new find; braciola, meatballs, osso bucco, and veal Parmesan.

The color was dark, rich and glistening. Aromas of blackberry, currant, spice and tobacco started drifting around us like ghosts from wines of past. We toasted to his daughter and took a sip. The structure was bold, with soft tannins and a nice balanced acidity. The fruit flavors were dark and scrumpcious. The finish lasted forever! Fantastic, it was better than I remembered.

I give the new and improved 2006 Furat 90 points...this is a wine you cannot refuse to try.

Check out this link to find out where the name Furat came from.

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