Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'd rather be in Love

What is Love?

If everyone wants love,

Why is it so hard to find?

It could be right in front of you,

And it goes by without notice.

Love is free for the taking,

And costly when abused.

Love comes in many ways,

It could be affection, a feeling, or praise.

Love can be lasting or short lived.

It may be the only way one may feel free.

Would you rather feel love than pain?

You can love your parents,

Or feel the love for a child.

A love for the one you’re with,

Is like a like a breath of fresh air,

You just have to remember to keep breathing.

Love is a sunny day and birds singing.

 It is gift we all can share but are afraid to pass on.

Love is seeing another person’s soul,

And knowing you are exposed.

Can you see love staring at you?

Love is honest and forgiving.

It is a beauty you cannot see with your eyes.

Love is passion and will,

It is a riddle with no answer.

Are you in love?

By Bryan Bennington

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