Friday, May 18, 2012

Pools of Darkness

Pools of Darkness

As I wade in the endless darkness,

Tears fill pools that are heartless.

It is the depth I flee

Screams of loneliness surround me.

With closed eyes my world is free;

Filled with birds and trees, peace and harmony.

Why can’t this scene be real to me?

A place that’s calm with tranquility.

At night I drown in sorrow,

My heart is calloused, I fear tomorrow.

Reaching for a hand to save me,

The darkness grows I can’t see.

Soon they say there will come a light.

A time when everything is back to right.

How long do I wait in this pool of tears?

It could be too long my heart fears.

Hope is waiting, it’s within my grasp.

Pleas are useless, my heart cracks.

I plunge into the pools to find my way.

The light is there it needs to stay.

I reach for it and pray…

But when I open my eyes I realize,

The dream I’m in has black skies.

Deeper into the pools my heart drifts,

Until only the darkness exists.

By Bryan Bennington

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