Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting for the Snowman

Well folks,
It is January in Ohio and we have been pretty lucky so far, as far as snow accumulation goes. However, I am waiting for this double sock-it-to-me front to come in and blast us with some real white stuff.

As the snow falls, I will be cooking my usual Chinese staples for a celebration Saturday. I will be serving a Pinot Grigio from Bosco dei Cirmioli. This is a nice little bottle of wine; crisp, sweet-tart flavors of pears and citrus, very refreshing. I think it will help tame the heated flavors of my Kung Pao.

Also, last night while I was planning this meal, I had a glass of Bordeaux my buddy Frank asked me to try. Frank I gotta tell you, I was impressed. The 2009 Chateau Davril was ripe and smooth. The wine had terrific fruit flavors of currant, blackberry and a hint of spicy earth. An outstanding value at $11.99 750ml. This is a great wine to pair with grilled burgers, pasta and meatballs (which is what I had) or Steak and fries. Way to go Frank.

Maybe after dinner my daughter and I will build a snowman.